Friday, March 18, 2011

A Rainbow of Trees

Lois - her tree makes me think of fun, funky hair!

Donna's very own "bird" tree!

Jane's desert inspired tree.

I like the way Joan's tree
goes off the page.

Norina's tree has great movement.

A very delicate tree by Nancy.

Mary Lynn's tree has a wonderful shape.

Jan's tree, so unique!

I like the branches on Yvonne's tree.
I even see a few birds.

Great lights and darks
on Erin's tree.

Doeteke's tree, truly
monochromatic, well done!

A fun, energetic tree by Carol.

A unique tree by Barb. I like the words
and the way it extends beyond the page.

Angela's bubble tree - how perfect!

Chris used long thin pieces
to create this interesting tree.

The diverse pieces above were created during last week's Open Studio on COLOUR. For one of the exercises, the artists were asked to choose a colour and then given a set amount of time to gather bits of that colour from a selection of magazines. Next they were asked to create a Monochromatic Collage piece with "tree" as their subject matter. The pieces are still in progress and yet the talent and creativity already shines through.

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