Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something From Nothing - A Little Book Project

This week in the Studio we created our own little book using the repurposed pages from old books.  We layered our pages and added ink, permanent pens, transfer foil (thank you Angela) and beeswax.  I think they turned out to be worthy of are the pages from the book I'm working on now...
This is one of the pages that I'm working on in book 2

See how the tabs overlap from each of the pages. 

India ink was a fun addition to this page, but it still needs some gesso.

Of course, I had to put a bird on it!!

 and here's the first book...
This is the outside cover of book 1.  I like the muted colour palette.

Another spread from book 1.  The pinks come from chalk pastels.

This spread needs details.  I'll work into it with ink and post it again in a few days.

This two page spread is ready for some drawing.

Another spread from the first book

I like the combination of gesso and India ink, layered with gold foil and beeswax.
The pages were put together using a pamphlet stitch.  The wax was added at the end.  I was still able to add details using India ink but you want to be selective when you add the wax.  Okay, that's all for now.  Time for sleep.  Hope to see you in the Studio.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hopefully no one's counting, but I am working on improving the consistency of my blog posts again.  So much has been happening in the Studio, including a move to a whole new space and the renovations and happy discoveries that go with it. I've told the story many times by now, so I'll spare you the details and just jump right in with what's happening now....
This week we are working on Coloured Pencil Doodles in the style of Traci Bautista. The floral is my demo piece and the in progress piece to the left belongs to fellow artist, Donna Funnell.  

I like the  combination of acrylics, India ink and pencil crayon.  I've sealed my flowers with gloss acrylic medium.  Interested in trying your hand at Coloured Pencil Doodles?  The class runs this Saturday, October 26, from 10 am to 1 pm.  Contact me at for more information.

There are a variety of classes coming up in the Studio.  I've listed them below..

Journal Thursdays start October 25, when you choose a book to alter and start laying down paint, and continue through all the Thursdays in November (1, 8, 15, 22, & 29) as we experiment with a variety of techniques and materials to create a truly inspiring piece of art.  Join us for just a few or all of them.  

On November 8, Donna will be teaching us a Melanie Testa technique using wax paper.  Be sure and bring along reference photos of flowers and/or birds.

October 27  This session, based on Coloured Pencil Doodles by Traci Bautista, uses ink, coloured pencils and acrylic to create a fun and funky piece. 

October 31 & Nov 3 Create a unique, functional and fabulous journal using wax, foil and found papers.  You’re sure to make this little beauty again and again.

Nov 7 & 10  Part 1 of 2 Build up your background on a wooden support and create a two-dimensional embellishment out of clay for the first part of this “sure-to-please” session.  Then join us again in two weeks to put it all together.

Nov 14 & 17 Intrigued by screen printing but not sure where to begin?  In this session you’ll screen print your very own spectacular design using a screen you create yourself with latex paint and fabric. 

Nov 21 & 24 Part 2 of 2  This week we will finish adding layers and attach our clay embellishment to our wooden base.  This textural relief piece will be a welcome addition to any wall.

Nov 28 & Dec 1   What do you get when you combine words, an embroidery hoop and wax?  Come out to the Studio this week and create a truly inspired bit of art.  Fun, fun, fun.

And what about this new Studio???  Well, even though we're still a work in progress, with walls being painted and constantly moving art supplies, the Studio itself is wonderful and we feel truly blessed to have found a place that fits us so well.

Who wouldn't love a place that includes daily hummingbird visits (weather permitting)...

colourful frogs willing to pose for photos...

and an incredible variety of plants in various stages of their life cycles.  There's alot more to see in and around the Studio.  I'll be posting a bit more consistently now that we've settled into our new home, but if you can't wait, join me for a class and see it all in person. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing in the Studio

Does it help to say I'm trying to post with consistency?  I start every year with good intentions, and so my ability to post for the third time this month should come as no surprise.  Talk to me in December!  Playing with Styrofoam in the Studio today and making lots of happy discoveries.  Here are some pictures...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sandra's Open Studio Classes 2012

It's time to create art in 2012.  Sandra's Open Studio runs three days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 10 am to 1 pm.  It's a wonderful opportunity to create and play.  Each session costs $20 and includes materials and a treat!!  Registration is as simple as an email to a day or two before the class.  

For the next few months, we will be focusing on creating drawings to use in our art, painting, layering, printing, doodling and stitching.  Here's what's coming up in the Studio...

Jan 11, 12 & 14  We’ve used Styrofoam before, but not this way!  I love sessions where a few simple steps result in something fabulous.  This is one of those classes.  Printing our “carved” images on tissue and paper, we will layer them to create a wonderful finished piece.

                             Jan 18, 19 & 21  Join Donna and Sandra for this fantastic “mash up” as we create a sweet tea dyed canvas book together.  During this tag-team teaching, put together a layered fabric and paper journal with Donna and a beautiful waxed focal point with Sandra.  Stitch is optional.

Jan 25, 26 & 28  Time to paint something big and bold.  Bring along a previously painted canvas no larger than 16x20 inches, (one that your willing to paint over) or purchase a textured canvas for $5 here in the Studio.  This is a start to finish project guaranteed to please!

Feb 1, 2 & 4   Doodles are everywhere, even in the Studio.  This fun and funky doodle class comes with a twist of course!  This session is all about the pens, the paper (not what you’d expect) and the doodles.  But it doesn’t end there because these doodles will be used again and again.  Join me for this “not-to-be-missed” session.         

Feb 8, 9 & 11   Just in time for Valentine’s day, a piece with heart.  This sweet little layered piece is created on a 6x6 inch canvas with a surprise center.  Start and finish this during our 3 hour session.

Feb 15, 16 & 18  What do you get when you mix enlarged images, print, tape, and  tempera pucks—something irRESISTable.  Be sure and join us for this play-filled session where anything can happen.  You will create beautiful pages to be used again and again in your artwork.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Balance in 2012

I slid softly into 2012, not sure that I was ready to start over.  Sometimes there is incredible pressure for us to be and do it all and truthfully, I was having none of it.  Those who know me well would think this uncharacteristic.  I love fresh starts, new beginnings.  I make lists and clean out closets, eager for the opportunity to recreate myself and my environment.  This year was different.  January brought with it a sense of uncertainty and fear.  Why you ask??  I guess we all have our limit.  The house is sold and so at this moment, the where and when and how of it all are somewhat unknown.  I’m okay with clean closets and organized supplies but not so okay with packing up house and deciding what comes next.  Have you ever been here, in this place of uncertainty and discomfort? 

After stewing a bit, I did the only thing I could do, I accepted it, all of it, for what it is and even for what it could not be and then I made art. 

Today my girls are back at school and I am back in my routine. It’s good, I missed it. It’s funny how we flip flop like fish out of water.  Yes, yes, yes and then no, no, no.  I was looking forward to a change, a new home, the girls being out of school for the holidays and then suddenly, I was yearning for familiarity and routine.  Maybe all I need in the end is a good balance of both.

This month in the Studio we will revisit some tried and true techniques with new eyes and play with materials we’ve never played with before in a search for the perfect balance of old and new. If you’ve never been, it’s a great deal at $20 for 3 hours, material included!  And if you’re coming back after what felt like a very long holiday, know that you’ve been missed and I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Until then, happy creating…