Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something From Nothing - A Little Book Project

This week in the Studio we created our own little book using the repurposed pages from old books.  We layered our pages and added ink, permanent pens, transfer foil (thank you Angela) and beeswax.  I think they turned out to be worthy of are the pages from the book I'm working on now...
This is one of the pages that I'm working on in book 2

See how the tabs overlap from each of the pages. 

India ink was a fun addition to this page, but it still needs some gesso.

Of course, I had to put a bird on it!!

 and here's the first book...
This is the outside cover of book 1.  I like the muted colour palette.

Another spread from book 1.  The pinks come from chalk pastels.

This spread needs details.  I'll work into it with ink and post it again in a few days.

This two page spread is ready for some drawing.

Another spread from the first book

I like the combination of gesso and India ink, layered with gold foil and beeswax.
The pages were put together using a pamphlet stitch.  The wax was added at the end.  I was still able to add details using India ink but you want to be selective when you add the wax.  Okay, that's all for now.  Time for sleep.  Hope to see you in the Studio.

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  1. Sandra, I am going to start my little book from nothing while I am here in FL. Thanks for the directions, I owe you since I couldn't come to studio for this one. I'm not sure I can use muted colour! But i will try, will post on FB as I go!