Friday, January 11, 2013

Open Studio Classes for January/February 2013

Sample from this week's class.

Sessions are $20, materials included.  They run 10 am to 1 pm, Wednesday and Saturday (same class, twice).  If you are interested in attending, please confirm via . 

As this year begins, I am thankful for a life that is filled with the creation of art.  Though the Studio space has changed and there is still much to be done, when the air fills with the sound of people creating, my heart sings. I also love the planning stage of each new set of classes.  There is struggle and indecision and then the light comes on and all the pieces fall into place.  You may have noticed the details took a little longer this time, but I am pleased to say, this collection of lessons is worthy of the wait.  In the next two months, we will be playing with deli paper, fabric, found objects, words, toilet paper (honestly) and craft foam.  We will explore collage, assemblage, printmaking techniques, poetry, journaling and bookmaking. And we will celebrate a group of fabulous female artists.  I do hope you’ll join me...

Coming up in the Studio….

Jan 16 & 19  Explore the creative possibilities in fun foam prints.  We will build our print plates and create a wonderful selection of papers.  Using a variety of surfaces and some new colour choices, we will layer our way to a collection of papers you can use again and again.  Inspired by Anne Bagby, we will explore thin papers and unique colour combinations. 

Jan 23 &  26  This dimensional piece mixes fabric, paper and found objects in a creative way.  Inspired by Leilani Pierson’s house books, from Cloth Paper Scissors, Nov/Dec 2008, I guarantee you will want to make more than one. 

Jan 30 & Feb  2  I am a big fan of artists like Sarah Lugg and Beryl Taylor, who create inspired pieces from the tiniest bits.  To celebrate these women, we will create a beautiful assemblage, worthy of framing, using silk, paper and tiny bits.

Feb 6 & 9  Following our theme of artist inspired art, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson created beautiful collages using torn paper in the November 2008 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.  We will create our own collage, using torn paper but of course, we will add a little twist!!  Fun, fun, fun.

Feb 7 This Thursday session is an opportunity to CATCH UP.  Bring along an unfinished project from a previous class.  Send me an email to ensure I have the necessary materials available for you.

Feb 13 & 16  Join me in the Studio for poetic and creative journaling presented in a unique format.  Bring along your favourite quotes and some special papers from your stash and assemble this art piece inspired by Lyn Belisle.  I will have a selection of beautiful papers and embellishments for your use.

Feb 20 & 23  This week we play with toilet paper (I know) and craft foam.  What could we be making?  Come to the Studio and be inspired by Pam Carriker’s unique art materials.  I promise it won’t look like toilet paper and craft foam when we’re done!

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