Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year over...a new one just begun.

I must admit, I love this moment leading up to a new year. I feel compelled to clean out the old, reassess and renew. At times, I am frustrated, desperate for more time before this year ends. Some days, I am successful and feel as if I have hit a refresh button,my perspective is cleansed and I begin anew. For the past week I have been reconsidering everything I come across. Should it stay? Will I use it? Have I been giving it the attention it deserves? This blog was one of those "things" that I had neglected in this busy and absolutely amazing year. So, I am recommitting now, on this final day of 2010, to a year of blogging and sharing all of the wonderful opportunities that have been coming my way. There are so many exciting things to tell you, but my family is waiting and so for this moment I will wish all of you a "fresh" beginning, like the first page in a new journal and a year full of laughter and love.Happy New Year

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Immersed in Art

I have been working away, totally immersed in ART and I couldn't be happier. This hasn't always been the case with a new show opening in less than a week. In the past, I would head into full fledged panic mode and completely shut down. Everyone would know to stay out of my way. As I sit here with two days until set up, I guess you could say, I've come a long way Baby! These days I am more aware. I recognize that nothing has meaning except for the meaning I give it and I've found a way to shut down the panicked "voice" in my head instead of just shutting down. I am learning to say "no" more often and realizing that the time I need to create is valuable and should be protected. I have also started Julia Cameron's Morning Pages again. For those of you that have never read "The Artist's Way" by this amazing woman, I recommend you do so TODAY. Writing three pages each morning has helped me to start the day clear and focused, work through challenges and maintain a positive point of view. On those days when I think that I might just skip the Morning Pages, my creativity has suffered. I think of it as clearing the clutter. By emptying my frustrations and fears on the page, my mind is free to create. And create I have, for months I have been working on a series of new pieces that I would like to share with you. And who knows, maybe a little piece of what brings me such joy will be the inspiration for something you do. Isn't creativity wonderful!