Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paper and Stitch 2


Thursday's Open Studio session on Paper and Stitch resulted in some wonderful pieces.  I love how the results of a lesson can change from day to day.  I try to adapt to the group and this group asked about creating little houses, so we did!  As well as using light weight papers mounted to fusible, we used hand made paper and stitch.  It is always beneficial to repeat a technique with a variety of materials.  Even simple techniques can be brought to new places with the use of interesting materials.  Ask yourself "What if?", what if I used only newsprint, added dictionary pages, used sheer fabric in between my papers?  What if I created the entire piece in shades of blue or cut away areas with a blade instead of scissors? The results might surprise you!  They always surprise me.


Chris again

Doeteke 1

Doeteke 2

Doeteke 3

Doeteke 4


Erin again


Karen again

Paper and Stitch

For this Open Studio Session, we started with paper, something light in weight and I mounted it to fusible interfacing so that the artists could stitch on it repeatedly without having their pieces fall apart.  For our sessions we used scrapbook paper and white paper painted with acrylics.  The idea was to cut away areas of the top sheet to reveal the paper below and then enhance the design with stitch and beading.  I think it was a very effective technique and I am pleased with the results.  Below is Wednesday's group of talented women. Enjoy!

Anne M.


Donna again

Anna M.

Anne S.


Linda R


Marg again

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Rainbow of Trees

Lois - her tree makes me think of fun, funky hair!

Donna's very own "bird" tree!

Jane's desert inspired tree.

I like the way Joan's tree
goes off the page.

Norina's tree has great movement.

A very delicate tree by Nancy.

Mary Lynn's tree has a wonderful shape.

Jan's tree, so unique!

I like the branches on Yvonne's tree.
I even see a few birds.

Great lights and darks
on Erin's tree.

Doeteke's tree, truly
monochromatic, well done!

A fun, energetic tree by Carol.

A unique tree by Barb. I like the words
and the way it extends beyond the page.

Angela's bubble tree - how perfect!

Chris used long thin pieces
to create this interesting tree.

The diverse pieces above were created during last week's Open Studio on COLOUR. For one of the exercises, the artists were asked to choose a colour and then given a set amount of time to gather bits of that colour from a selection of magazines. Next they were asked to create a Monochromatic Collage piece with "tree" as their subject matter. The pieces are still in progress and yet the talent and creativity already shines through.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Energy In All Forms!

Saturday marked another day filled with creativity and joy. It also marked the first time a man attended Open Studio. I would be lying if I said I didn't wonder about how a man might change the energy of what had been a "women only" gathering for almost a year. Fortunately, creative energy belongs to us as CREATORS and the energy that flows through my Studio is that of individuals deeply immersed in the act of creating. Dan, the partner of a good friend, fit in perfectly.

The artwork below is still in progress, a sampling of the talented and creative individuals that attend my Open Studio sessions. I learn much more from them than I could ever teach them.

Dan Wiest - very nicely done, especially the tree.

I like the details and colour
palette in Yvonne's piece.

This piece has great balance and Shannon took it
outside the box with feathers and yarn.

Marie's piece has so many wonderful details.

A delicate composition by Lois waits for
a calligraphic letter or two.

Fun colour choices and overlapping boxes
create a quilt effect on Joan's piece.

Soft transitions and a unique approach to the grid
result in a beautiful piece by Janis.

Wrapped threads and tiny
details look great in Jan's piece.

Carol's piece is very effective in greens and pinks.

Letters and a full page grid make for an
interesting layout on Barb's piece.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Women

Every week I am surrounded by vibrant, creative women. My Studio is just four walls and yet the magic that happens here and the energy that fills this space is nothing short of incredible. This week, we worked in the style of Sarah Lugg, filling grids with tiny details. While all the works below are in progress, it is easy to see the talent that each of these unique artists bring to Open Studio - how blessed am I to be a small part of this!

The colours are wonderful on this piece by Anne S.

I love the combination of yellow, pink and red in this piece by Anne M.
I can't wait to see it after she adds stitch!

Dianne's piece has great details and I like
that she's moved outside of the boxes with her bird's legs.

Marg extended her piece beyond the grid and it looks great.
The colours remind me of days at the beach.

Beautiful! Soula's piece waiting for details.
I love the soft colours behind each composition.

This delicate piece by Patricia is well on it's way
to true Sarah Lugg style. Well done!

Marda's piece is lovely and the details,
especially that tiny hand stitched nest, are "wow"!

How creative and delicate - a few fibres, some stitches
and tiny buttons and a big dose of Marda's creativity.
All done in the blink of an eye!

It always pleases me to see that each artist can start with the same tools and information and yet they all create such unique expressions of themselves. I know I say it often but I believe it to be true...our most natural state as artists is the creative state. We are CREATORS and I think most artists would say the same thing - the need to create is very real and the process (for me) is often more important than the product itself. So, until next time, happy creating!