Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paper and Stitch 2


Thursday's Open Studio session on Paper and Stitch resulted in some wonderful pieces.  I love how the results of a lesson can change from day to day.  I try to adapt to the group and this group asked about creating little houses, so we did!  As well as using light weight papers mounted to fusible, we used hand made paper and stitch.  It is always beneficial to repeat a technique with a variety of materials.  Even simple techniques can be brought to new places with the use of interesting materials.  Ask yourself "What if?", what if I used only newsprint, added dictionary pages, used sheer fabric in between my papers?  What if I created the entire piece in shades of blue or cut away areas with a blade instead of scissors? The results might surprise you!  They always surprise me.


Chris again

Doeteke 1

Doeteke 2

Doeteke 3

Doeteke 4


Erin again


Karen again

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