Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Energy In All Forms!

Saturday marked another day filled with creativity and joy. It also marked the first time a man attended Open Studio. I would be lying if I said I didn't wonder about how a man might change the energy of what had been a "women only" gathering for almost a year. Fortunately, creative energy belongs to us as CREATORS and the energy that flows through my Studio is that of individuals deeply immersed in the act of creating. Dan, the partner of a good friend, fit in perfectly.

The artwork below is still in progress, a sampling of the talented and creative individuals that attend my Open Studio sessions. I learn much more from them than I could ever teach them.

Dan Wiest - very nicely done, especially the tree.

I like the details and colour
palette in Yvonne's piece.

This piece has great balance and Shannon took it
outside the box with feathers and yarn.

Marie's piece has so many wonderful details.

A delicate composition by Lois waits for
a calligraphic letter or two.

Fun colour choices and overlapping boxes
create a quilt effect on Joan's piece.

Soft transitions and a unique approach to the grid
result in a beautiful piece by Janis.

Wrapped threads and tiny
details look great in Jan's piece.

Carol's piece is very effective in greens and pinks.

Letters and a full page grid make for an
interesting layout on Barb's piece.

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