Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Balance in 2012

I slid softly into 2012, not sure that I was ready to start over.  Sometimes there is incredible pressure for us to be and do it all and truthfully, I was having none of it.  Those who know me well would think this uncharacteristic.  I love fresh starts, new beginnings.  I make lists and clean out closets, eager for the opportunity to recreate myself and my environment.  This year was different.  January brought with it a sense of uncertainty and fear.  Why you ask??  I guess we all have our limit.  The house is sold and so at this moment, the where and when and how of it all are somewhat unknown.  I’m okay with clean closets and organized supplies but not so okay with packing up house and deciding what comes next.  Have you ever been here, in this place of uncertainty and discomfort? 

After stewing a bit, I did the only thing I could do, I accepted it, all of it, for what it is and even for what it could not be and then I made art. 

Today my girls are back at school and I am back in my routine. It’s good, I missed it. It’s funny how we flip flop like fish out of water.  Yes, yes, yes and then no, no, no.  I was looking forward to a change, a new home, the girls being out of school for the holidays and then suddenly, I was yearning for familiarity and routine.  Maybe all I need in the end is a good balance of both.

This month in the Studio we will revisit some tried and true techniques with new eyes and play with materials we’ve never played with before in a search for the perfect balance of old and new. If you’ve never been, it’s a great deal at $20 for 3 hours, material included!  And if you’re coming back after what felt like a very long holiday, know that you’ve been missed and I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Until then, happy creating…

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