Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creating a Blog

So simple and yet I have put this off for so long! I love the idea of a space to share my thoughts, not just because I have them (thoughts) but because reading other people's thoughts reminds me that we are all connected.

When I imagined what my blog would look like, I envisioned the best parts of my life expressed on the page, my art, my creative expression, the beauty that surrounds me and the things that make me laugh. I could write about pain, or sadness, darkness or fear, but we all have enough of that and I would rather be a source of light.

I live a very fortunate life, there are challenges and I am happy because of them. Without challenges how would I know how strong I am, how much I can accomplish and what truly matters to me.

I've made choices, conscious ones, to leave a paying job and pursue a life as an artist. I have chosen to be a mother and someone's partner. I have chosen to live in a small community and to volunteer my time.

All of these choices create boxes that define me in my eyes and in yours, and yet we are the same in the only ways that matter. I hope that somewhere in the reflection of myself that I cast upon this page each week, you will find a glimpse of you.

Wishing you all a day where you are treated with love and respect by everyone you meet.

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